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Network Visibility as a Service (NVaaS)

Network visibility is key to the performance and security of your applications and the network and infrastructure that they run on.  Network Visibility as a Service enables IT organizations to have that visibilty without the hussle that is typically associated with changes in network topology, addressing and application infrastructure. It allows you to focus on what realy matters: keeping end-user satisfied.

NVaaS is a comprehensive managed service that enables the successful delivery of enterprise applications over converged networks. The system provides unique views and a range of ways to analyze network performance, including capacity planning reports.

It provides a way to monitor user activity on physical, virtual and hybrid ICT environments while saving costs usually spent on infrastructure and maintenance.  Just send your flow data securely to our private Cloud and let NVaaS do its work.

Start monitoring your network immediately.

  • Flexible OpEx-based cost model for network monitoring
  • Secure communication with encrypted network traffic
  • Data stored in EU datacenter
  • Set-up in less than 48h
  • Don't pay for what you don't need
  • Flexible contract
  • Pay on a monthly basis

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