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+++ COVID 19 +++

To assure a training under safe conditions, the following precautions are effective immediately:

  • In-house: make sure the classroom is sufficently large.  Training can only take place when the rules for social distancing can be respected.  During lecture, the instructior must be able to keep a distance of >3 meters with the participants.
  • No more than 8 participants are allowed.
  • CCTT: every student must bring their own test equipment.  Cables and adapters you may need will be provided and are disinfected before and after the training.  Everybody must wear gloves and face mask during hand-on exercises.
  • If the situation is deemed unsafe, our instuctor may refuse to start or terminate the training at any moment.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

+++ COVID 19 +++


 Practicality, please!

Promise, we won't spend half-a-day talking about the OSI model and the history of networking. Our customized training teaches you how to troubleshoot your network with your staff and your tools.

You can’t learn to swim without getting your feet wet

None of our instructors is a "full-time teacher".  They spend at least two-thirds of their time on the work floor, probably doing the same job as you do!

No "buttons" training

Training shouldn't be a copy of the user manual.  Our training is technology driven and not solely from the product perspective.  You'll learn from our personal and first-hand experience with the tool in real-life situations and various use cases.

Instructor-led hands-on training for Netscout

Instructor-led hands-on training for Fluke Networks

Instructor-led hands-on training for NetAlly 

Vendor neutral training